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SKG List
‚ÄčSKG List:

  1. Jason
  2. Regy
  3. Vandis
  4. Miranna
  5. Mlinzi
  6. Kharaa
  7. Chris'of  
  8. Kaelana'ndra  
  9. Oberon 
  10. Lionwolf  
  11. Leodreal  
  12. Mari 
  13. Kayleigh
  14. Naar-ken  
  15. Casmi  
  16. Hachiman  
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Guild News

RP event

Naar-ken, May 19, 12 3:54 PM.
I've posted an RP event on saturday, everyone who wants to come, please do! Don't let the name fool you, as far as I'm concerned, you Serenity peepz can join in as well!

Raid Schedule

KeithSqik, Feb 16, 12 6:02 AM.
The raidschedule has been made for now, changes will probably occur.

I've set the standard raiddays for Tuesday and Thursday, and we have a clean-up/hard mode raid on sunday for the immediate future.

If you have anything to say/add about the schedule, please let me know, when I'm online I'm always on vent, so look me up.

And please sign up, so we know who to expect.


KeithSqik, Feb 13, 12 2:59 AM.
For the people with alts in the Empire and they want to play with the same people, we have made a guild on the Empire's side called Mencadium, which in Latin means "lies" as apposed to Veritas which means "truth".

Give a shout out to the people online if you want to join, I've made sure that everyone in the other guild can invite other members.

This will be the website for all the Veritas news, raids, info and more!
Have a great time, if you got questions, like to add someting, give a shout out or just have a funny story, share it on the forums!

Have fun and may the force be with you!
Karaggas Palace (Hard)
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